Couples Portal


Welcome to my couples portal. I put together a little page with important information and some links to things you may need or want to look at.  

I've also emailed you a link to my wedding day itinerary/questionnaire. I won't need it filling in until a week or so before the wedding day, but please do take a look at it and if you've got most things sorted - feel free to fill it in early :)


These are all in my FAQ's on my site so you may already know this, but I thought I'd put down some of the ones that are more relevant to the day itself and after your wedding.

When is our final balance due? Please pay the final balance due no later than 8 weeks before the wedding.

What time do you arrive on the day? Unless we have agreed upon something else it's usually a few hours before your ceremony time - just get in touch if you want me a little earlier (if you have something planned) or later if that's a little too early.

When will we expect our wedding photos? 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.

My mobile is: 07983263313 

There's a good chance I haven't added yours to my address book until closer to the wedding so please don't be offended if I don't know who is calling - I will be glad it's not an accident helpline though!

My Email is:

This should be the same as the one you are using already - if not try using this one where possible :)