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Basic Details

The Wedding Day:

If you are having two photographers, then usually we have a photographer at each prep location unless asked otherwise

Group/Posed Photos

Please format them like this where possible:

Bride, Groom,Siblings

Bride, Groom, Parents etc

If you just put first names then when I or your ushers end up calling out Dave, its likely a few Daves will turn up!

As a time guide please allow between 2 - 4 minutes per photo.

Please note these slots are for your group/family photos only - please put any info on couples photos(just the two of you) in the additional info at the bottom including information on time you have allocated for these :)

Making sure everyone has plenty to throw and getting an usher/best man to help organise people can help for a better confetti line and display


And Finally....above all, enjoy yourselves guys, this is going to be amazing. If there's anything in the questionnaire you couldn't fill in or has got you thinking "Ummm maybe we should have that or one of those" then honestly at the very least please don't let it stress you out. This questionnaire is just for me to plan my day and get a rough idea of how things will go. I cant think of one wedding where everything has gone on time and to plan! Myself or myself and my second shooter will be with you pretty much all day and you'll get so used to us being there the best thing to do is just ignore us, let us blend in and get on with enjoying your day.