Charlotte & Tom Portraits


I first met Charlotte and Tom at the Burgoynes Wedding Fair last year and after visiting them at their home and having a little giggle, I knew we would hit it off! They had booked in last year for a wedding 2 years away so I could tell photography would be a big part of their day :) After chatting for a little while back at theirs they had asked about doing an engagement shoot and we both discovered we shared the same passion for the Gower! They both went to university close by and had spent many days with friends on the beaches so we decided it would be awesome to do a shoot there. In short it was awesome. We had all checked the weather report several times and the day was set to be cloudy but clear, with no sign of rain. The same day forecast was wrong but the forecast the previous day for rain at 3pm was correct. I don’t mind a bit of rain and neither did they! We were about half a mile down the beach when it started pouring down however and got stuck in it. After laughing it off and going to the pub we were all warmed up and ready to head over to Three Cliffs Bay. I think its important to be carefree on a shoot like this or even your wedding day, because no matter what happens – you are always going to look better in a photo if you are smiling and that’s exactly what Charlotte and Tom did! It was an amazing day and we loved spending the time with these guys – can’t wait for the wedding!

Oh I forget to mention! Even though it rained, we got this amazing double rainbow – check it out down below!

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