The Benefits Of A Second Shooter

When it comes to weddings, there is just so much going on, it is impossible to capture it all. The Benefits Of A Second Shooter not only allows me to capture more but really helps when it comes to taking photos of the same thing from different angles.

The Benefits Of A Second Shooter: Getting Ready

Whilst I’m at the brides capturing the preparations, my second shooter can be with the groom party, capturing all the fun and moments of an anxious groom ready to see his beautiful bride. In the past, having a second shooter has allowed me to capture these moments, as well as presents the bride has given to the groom to be opened on the morning of their special day.

photos of the groomGroom getting ready photosGift (3 of 3)Gift double


The Benefits Of A Second Shooter: A Different Perspective.

Along with taking photos in different places and different times, a second shooter will also be able to get different angles of some of the most important moments on the day. Whether its a wide shot from above or a zoomed shot, its nice to have a different pair of eyes on a beautiful scene.

Second shooter (1 of 1)second perspective

The Benefits Of A Second Shooter: The Details.

All those details that you have spent so much time perfecting can easily be forgotten. Whilst I’m perhaps taking photos of the couple portraits or elsewhere, my second shooter can be capturing the finishing touches that you have worked so hard on.


Second shooter details doubleSecond shooter detailstable (1 of 1)

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